Scaly Wag (Single)

by Will.B

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Produced by Witness
Mixed & Mastered by Mr Slipz


released March 11, 2016

"Big ups Straight Minded Records! Big up the UK scene, you lot are crazy" - Will.B



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Straight Minded Records London, UK

Straight Minded Records was established in 2011 by Will.B, to bring a new generation of rappers and producers in the UK.
Straight Minded Records is home to many rappers such as
Obscene league (Uncle Harry, Li Sterling & Will.B)
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Track Name: Scally Wag
(Verse 1)

Lil Mr scaly wag,
Penning with my clammy swag,
I can see you from a mile, burn your fanny pack.
Lil laddy,
Acting maddy,
Sitting writing bars on the beat from my daddy.
Roll the roach,
Burnt my toast,
Home alone,
Open door and im rolling down my coat,
I aint got no paddles so how the fuck can i row the boat?
I can’t,
So i have to swim soaked in loads,
Check the verse,
wrecked, 1 to 1 phone the nurse,
Step down the curb,
And girls think thy know the words,
On the verse,
Rappers spitting ‘bout coming first,
You’re the last in the quew son, fuck you and your words.
Im the lost chapter,
Not the boss, Or a actor,
Catch me tacking joy rides in a camper.
Nothing dilly - dally,
Meet a scaggy,
Phone a taxi,
Half an hour till you see your mammy.
Having fun now, living life and making music,
From the morn to the sun down, Thats a clew kid.
So everybody gather,
Forms never matter,
Kids speaking gabba,
Quick, i see a gavver.
Check peeps start to run,
Pulling out a joint n think, thats start to bun,
Wouldn't that be fun,
when ill rolling down the street in the cruser,
Making jokes, start to laugh, taking shots like a basucca.,
Im the future,
Obnoxshus mean to looser,
Other labels picking shit like a skoopa,
I swim deep, like a scuba,
Deep to high like a lunar,
I heard your tune mate, so what you do huh?
Im writing notes,
Scrap your phone,
What you wrote,
Ive come along way, but only just step foot on road.
So whats the nextie,
Writing to the beat, saturday and sunday because music is my bestie,
Never left me,
Not my left G.
Taught me to swim when i cant even walk,
But its cool, my flow is wavy, not just a talk,
Speak to me get ignored,
you make me snore.
Dark shaded red,
I cant seem to think bars rushing to my head,
Now what a mess,
Feeling stressed,
Take a hit pass the zest,
Breathing out the excess,
From the crest breathe,
Munching down food like its french bread,
Bigging ups my french heads,
Even if we haven't met yet,
Yeah yeah.
A nice beat got me flowwy,
A badass but my name aint joey.
Now im back to the raw,
Will.B to the core,
So what do we do when police start breaking laws?