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Firstly i would like to thank everyone who helped make this album: Cracker Jon, Bowski, Billy G, Witness, Tommy Pickled, Mr Slipz, Straight Minded Records, SKT, Obscene League.

I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me, inspire me, or been about through out this album..
Tom B, JB, Mum, Lauren, Josh, Jen C, Li Sterling, Uncle Harry, TenBag Banditz, Colin from Die With Honour clothing, Bear Beats, Motman, Moraless, Cletus, Slardy AKA Brad Slade, Jonny, Connor, Dr Syntax, Pete Cannon, Tom Hines, Gizmo, Rag n Bone Man, Slaves (Lorrie & Isaac), Jman, Fliptrix, Dirty Dike, Dj Sammy B - Side, Ed ScissorTongue, All of High Focus, All of Blah Records, All of Real Life Drama, Jack Bushrod, Twizzy, MAB, Jinxsta JX, JCA, Three Headed Beast, Skuff, Jimmy Danger, Benaddict, Team Dreebs, Yogocop Records, Split Prophets, Audio Active, Big Harry, Enlish AKA Big Dave, Ocean Wizzy, Spitfire, Wordsmith, Chester P, The Otha Guys, Contact Play, Ashmore, Jay Rolls, Kayncee, If-E, Aslan, Mad Preacher!
And Everyone else.. Yanoeee

Also a big shout out to my man Jonny for giving me the final £2 toward to album printing! Real G!


released April 21, 2016

Tracks 1, 3, 8 & 9 produced by Will.B.
Track 6 produced by Will.B & Witness.
Tracks 2, 7 & 11 produced by Witness.
Tracks 5 & 10 produced by Tommy Pickled.
Track 4 produced by Billy G.
All lyrics written & performed by Will.B (with exception of feature verse).
All tracks mixed & mastered by Mr Slipz.

Cover photo & design by W.Bowcott

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all rights reserved


Straight Minded Records London, UK

Straight Minded Records was established in 2011 by Will.B, to bring a new generation of rappers and producers in the UK.
Straight Minded Records is home to many rappers such as
Obscene league (Uncle Harry, Li Sterling & Will.B)
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Track Name: Benry Or Hen
(Verse 1)

Where im coming from,
Im coming from another place that isn't funny son,
You better speak some other chump.
Im not in it for respect of a man,
Im init for the fun but with stress on my hand,
Im tryna drop an album but bickers through the fans,
It makes me go insane like system of a damn.
So let me introduce my self to you fools,
We all can play the game but a different way is cool.
A different way of thought is like a match lit in the sea,
Rappers all seem to copy others blessed in the Scene,
All seems to cycle like seeds to tree,
But a new one arrives with stripes on its leaves,
Its a strange game to play, especialy with trees,
Rules remain the same don't give into the peeps.
Where do i start up, is where i finish,
Or where it ends, and who's to listen except my friends.

(verse 2)

Tell me whats your seeing, ill tell you if i see it too,
Mate needs to chill while i backstop this third zoot,
Clap, clap, who here'd you?
No one, nor cares,
guadge out my eyes so i have to dodge what evers there.
Never picky,
Life is tricky.
If you live it wrong,
Life is nice,
Spark the pipe,
And the bucket bong.
When it bubbles,
Spark the trouble.
Or just behave,
Empty your crew if you roll with the snakes.
Empty your mind to a brighter future,
Im here to start a revolution, for the smartest looser.
Never clue less,
Never fight use my music.
Time to encourage peace instead of self defence,
Clock the weekend, cutting through the fence,
If it gets into fights then my fist will clench the pen,
Late night cyphers with friends,
Calling up the weed man, Benry or Hen
Track Name: Chains N Watches Feat. Bowski & Billy G (SKIT)
(Verse 1)(Bowski)

Yo, wad up, check it.
If you dont know then you wanna show, show your bits to me,
If you dont know then you wanna show,
If you dont know then you wanna show,
Do you wanna show?
Thats what i wanna know.

So im asking her, “do you wanna show me what you got”?
Come in here I'm smoke a lil bit of pot,
I dont mind if i got a little bit of snot,
Coming out my nose and ill flick it like a rock.
Yeah, then ill wack it round your face,
Telling you that you look like a discase.
‘Coz its billy G on the mic,
Now he’s trine rewind,
So that he can rewind.

(Verse 2)(Billy G)

Billy G,
Summer time my minds me of sitting on my arse, yo,
Smell of cut grass, Yeah,
Piffing made me last blast.
Dont care what you wanna say to me,
Got it all to the third degree,


Third degrees,
The third degrees.

(Billy G)

Dont know what to fucking say.
Come to your door,
Ill be knocking on the floor,
Have your bitch on the floor.
Sucking on my dick don't know if i can stick it inner,
Wanna do, im a winner,
Im a spinner.
Coming knocking on your door,
Have your bitch on the floor,
Sucking on my dick coz I'm a winner,
(Its warm)
Im a spinner on the decks.
(Its warm)
Donno if i can fucking have you on my nets.

(Verse 3)(Bowski)

Ima do some written bars.
Yo, tell em when i poke a nose,
Coming with the big bad flows.
Its tommy b chains n watches,
Its tommy b chains n watches,
N if you don't know then we change the watches,
Have a lil what to what,
Tryna have a lil what then swap,
Im like what its bad boy.
Track Name: Safe
(Verse 1)

Back with the DnB,
Back with the Billy G,
Back with the skill that i need for the CD.
Back with the crash, hit, smash,
Back with the dance and the plants go black.
And im back in a room,
Call me a witch coz im found on my broom.
Call me a rapper, found on a mic,
Laid on a sofa from last night.
Fading away,
Girls get wet with the shade of the grey.
I get wet with the beat,
Puddles are under my feet,
Stuck on repeat.
A dripping, a dripping picture,
Na thats old shit this is a mixture.
Im changing the words,
Change it or crave ‘coz its day of the earth.
Need it now,
Feed me a pig n ill eat that cow,
Joking around.
Maybe i am,
Call me weird kid, weird kid sam.
Weird kid will.
Bars like that,
Up in your face, on a train like a rat.
Joking it up,
If your joking ill back it up.
Pack it in,
Wanna get paint tattooed in my skin.
Saying life,
One time only maybe its nice,
Life it right,
If wear mates then maybe wear tight.
Bing and Bosh,
Call me will and ill call you boss,
Bill n will are men on top,
Say it lots,
Got no time for rats and knobs.
Only me,
Repping it up with Billy G,
See me around and call me B, ill call you a twat and break your teeth.
See me around and call me B, ill call you a twat and break your teeth.
See me around and call me B, ill call you a twat and break your teeth.
See me a,
See me a,
See me a,
See me a,
See me around and call me B, ill call you a twat and break your teeth.


See me a,
See me a,
See me a,
See me a,
See me around and call me B, ill call you a twat and break your teeth.
twat and break your teeth.
call you a twat and break your teeth.
Track Name: Bounce Feat. Cracker Jon
(Verse 1) (Will.B)

On the all caps,
Small bags stashed, pure bad,
Drop the helicopter off on the launch pad.
Step a law,
Peace separated by the war,
I swear down this has happened before, yo.
I see legless,
Long hair, vision left me breathless,
Pass it to the next sentence.
Sonny go run home,
My bloods shown,
But i thought we could bun crow.
The nice scene,
Yes time for ice-cream,
Bright eyed kid with a vision of a nice scene.
Sit n chill.
Fam im young so im stepping slow,
Take a nice long leap for that stepping stone.
May see me, looking a real mess,
But i asure you that i am the realest.
Your real strong, Bubbles inside us,
Futures well structured like a web of a spider.
Yo, so im captain invincible,
Face change miserable,
Like im going down on a school trip to witsterbal.
In the second east,
Dont cut my hair like a hippie who's begging peace.
Coz you see will rapping a B-Sly,
Crowds check it out like I'm dropping it real tight.
All for democracy,
Me and my peeps we follow da prophecy.
Back with the flute,
Repping six sides like I'm mixing up a cube,
Messing with your mind like a text from a cute.
Ex hoe,
Open CDs when there fresh from the press,
The next row.
Second ate see,
Separate please,
Eleven ate three.

(Verse 2) (Cracker Jon)

Yo,I dont care how many words i write,
Or how much I've learnt in life,
How we get there in the end it deserves its time,
I never put what i earn aside,
Always a rainy day in this persons eyes,
I say I've learnt my stripes.
Drunk enough of them at shows,
I love to get the crowd involved.
A passive smoker,
And a ganja smoker,
Ill have a lamb samosa, please.
Yo im, training my mind up,
Relate to the right stuff,
And expose the majorly violent and corrupt.
I wont pull the plug, ill just concrete the socket,
Will money received in my wallet,
Theres blood money thieving from the honest,
And the modest,
Theres no choice, your in a comic.

Track Name: Karate Chop
(Verse 1)

The clouds are drifting,
Line in line with earths eye, yet the clouds stay misted,
This curse leaves us all as victims,
And thats my business,
Circle ‘round the stanzas crisp-ness,
My blood keeps me pumping ‘till its christmas,
So what i miss kid?
Nothing really,
Create the flow with the elevated dank with-in me,
Let me skin please.
A skimpy bit of thought with-in you,
Create the words with the thoughts that i think through.
Times change, so do people,
The book is better than the movie, ‘coz words move me and so do people.
Ive won, you’ve one, we've all won, were equal.
Night spun, the light dark,
N i bun, n i laugh.
N i swear, n i cry,
I sleep at night time,
But how the fuck can i sleep with a head full of lines,
Pull the blinds,
Pull the blank eye,
Toke on the realness, it keeps your mouth dry.

(Verse 2)

The pinky blues,
No one wins, and no one loses,
Help my self to the tunage,
Pass the tooth pick.
Chilling with the honeys,
But i still find it funny,
How the rich men want the money.
And the ones that said they would help,
The ones who cop the album, just to put it on the shelf,
That isn't help,
The online theres myself,
Never looking for the wealth.
Not about the life or the waste,
I need a place,
In my mind to escape,

When i scratch out a line to my mates,
Off there face,
Ill be in the hall with the greats,
Hopefully, couple years touring the states.
SMR is the name,
I make the videos, photographers pay,
N charge a wage,
Fam we’re skint but we’re in the same lane.

(Yo, fam we’re skint but we’re still in the same lane)
Track Name: Strong
(Verse 1)

The prime-minister disguised,
Looking with his eyes,
Of the word, thats a crime.
Peace and love is unhealthy, according to you,
Blood id hate to, be in your shoes.
Walking on the pavement,
If your paid to work, then its basically enslavement,
This earth is amazing.
Earth is the richest, but people still poor.
They be bringing bags of cash,
In the stacks,
Fund the war.
Its all wrong.
Skull n bones is running us,
Another war, another day, thats what is coming up.
World war three, and the government controls us,
2015 and we still got kid soldiers.
I can tell you blood its wrong,
The government can tell you otherwise, but its still fucking wrong,
People under-estimate and undermine the words of song,
Government can tell you otherwise, but its strong.
Little whispers in the operations,
Selling parts of companies so, they don't get investigated.
Three quid shirts, made by a modern slave,
Pay bit more and in the heart you will save.
Grab a snake, shoes.
Elephant, Piano,
compromise, instead of hurting animals.
Never right, we’re all equal,
Animals, plants, insects and the people.
Yeah, one,
Time to life live and have fun,
Bun draw, freest type of drug, if its pure,
If we free the hemp and bun the raw,
Chilling with the peeps that is fresh to the core.
Im living on the edge, like I'm standing on the drop of stealth,
In the blazing sun, feeling like I'm gonna melt.
Opening my eyes start to contemplate,
Time for real life, so its time that i concentrate.
Track Name: Wanting More
(Verse 1)

I had a verse, but its gone now,
Thought it was shot down,
And thought that the war was all gone now.
But it turns out,
The words that i slured out,
Are still sitting here for a glimpse of the world now.
World glittching,
The girls in the kitchen,
Ill stay by your back but when the dude comes, I'm ditching.
‘Coz i really couldn't care about you,
But if you step to my crew,
Then you’ll get left feeling blue.
Im the one who's the dummy,
Your the one feeling funny,
Then ill give you a run for your money.
Im a G,
The one chucking sea gulls in the sea,
Until i see the police, i will leave.
Its not worth it,
Im not mr perfect,
But im not spitting ‘bout how i run around, stealing purse.
‘Coz i dont.
Dont even think about it,
Write tunes not fore son, think about it.
I got verse,
Think about the words kid,
MCs getting cocky, like they wanna burst lip.
Wise man said, “speak from the heart and the people will listen”,
Turns out its true kid, Dike gave me visions,
This life is my mission.
But racists and rude people,
Tryna ruin it and blame it on other people,
That is pure evil.
But anyway,
I get my head up and celebrate,
Thanking god for hopefully a good day.
Wich it is,
Mr oliver twist,
Wanting more is my wish,
But I'm left with a kiss.
From the Mrs, thats understand,
Come back dad, i didn't understand.
Now i do,
Fam im back to the tune,
Roll another zoot,
Then ill blaze with the crew,
Wake and bake at a quarter to two,
Nothing left to do,
So im left to snooze.
Track Name: Eating From Things
(Verse 1)

Yo, Fuck the drop i come in when i want to.
Its not or later,
Only chance in life,
Pass the pipe, fuck the hater.
E with 2 dashes, shows that im the hardcore type,
The sorta guy to scrap your mates bike,
For fun.
Simple ‘coz i want to,
N i know you want to, too,
Whats the point of things that dont ally to me or you.
Maybe someone else in the world,
Sitting with there girl,
Cuddling up makes me hurl.
Hip-Hops your life and joy really your a sneaky rat,
The sorta guy to get jumped by a garage kat.
Sneaky savage on a Wednesday night blues,
Smashed in the stoodz,
Bread soaked up with booze,
What the fuck you do?
When your hyped up,
Brain freeze from line dust,
Coke in your eye and you think that, thats nice bruv?
Then your messed up,
I hate them kiddies acting hard then nod to N-Dubz new stuff.

(I hate them kiddies acting hard then nod to N-Dubz new stuff.)

(Verse 2)

Living on my own,
You can suck a bone,
Walking down the road,
Dont disturb on the phone.
Theres a thin line between, whats heven and hell,
But i didn't know that so im sat like a melt,
Pull my paint out like it was show and the tell,
I said how is it a crime but arguments dont go down well.
Im kicked out for life,
But its all cool, all i need is a pen and pad and a piff wife.
Pissing as im walking,
Pissed as im talking.
Of villages,
On walls fam are boring.
I say fam,
Even if im talking to my nan,
Doing naughty shit sitting on the back of the hams.
Repping clothes i didn't pay for,
See the owner of the shop, run away for.
A view days.
Whos to say i did it?
No body, so maybe fam i didnt.
Track Name: Scally Wag (BONUS TRACK)
(Verse 1)

Lil Mr scaly wag,
Penning with my clammy swag,
I can see you from a mile, burn your fanny pack.
Lil laddy,
Acting maddy,
Sitting writing bars on the beat from my daddy.
Roll the roach,
Burnt my toast,
Home alone,
Open door and im rolling down my coat,
I aint got no paddles so how the fuck can i row the boat?
I can’t,
So i have to swim soaked in loads,
Check the verse,
wrecked, 1 to 1 phone the nurse,
Step down the curb,
And girls think thy know the words,
On the verse,
Rappers spitting ‘bout coming first,
You’re the last in the quew son, fuck you and your words.
Im the lost chapter,
Not the boss, Or a actor,
Catch me tacking joy rides in a camper.
Nothing dilly - dally,
Meet a scaggy,
Phone a taxi,
Half an hour till you see your mammy.
Having fun now, living life and making music,
From the morn to the sun down, Thats a clew kid.
So everybody gather,
Forms never matter,
Kids speaking gabba,
Quick, i see a gavver.
Check peeps start to run,
Pulling out a joint n think, thats start to bun,
Wouldn't that be fun,
when ill rolling down the street in the cruser,
Making jokes, start to laugh, taking shots like a basucca.,
Im the future,
Obnoxshus mean to looser,
Other labels picking shit like a skoopa,
I swim deep, like a scuba,
Deep to high like a lunar,
I heard your tune mate, so what you do huh?
Im writing notes,
Scrap your phone,
What you wrote,
Ive come along way, but only just step foot on road.
So whats the nextie,
Writing to the beat, saturday and sunday because music is my bestie,
Never left me,
Not my left G.
Taught me to swim when i cant even walk,
But its cool, my flow is wavy, not just a talk,
Speak to me get ignored,
you make me snore.
Dark shaded red,
I cant seem to think bars rushing to my head,
Now what a mess,
Feeling stressed,
Take a hit pass the zest,
Breathing out the excess,
From the crest breathe,
Munching down food like its french bread,
Bigging ups my french heads,
Even if we haven't met yet,
Yeah yeah.
A nice beat got me flowwy,
A badass but my name aint joey.
Now im back to the raw,
Will.B to the core,
So what do we do when police start breaking laws?